Time4Writing Review — Should You Trust These Writing Tutors?

Time4Writing Review — Should You Trust These Writing Tutors?

November 13, 2019

If you look forward to having a professional writing tutor by your side, you may consider online courses, and
Time4Writing is one of the websites that offer such an opportunity. You should learn about some aspects first. Parents
of students may also want to read this Time4Writing review before they get enrolled in future courses.

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If you are looking for companies that provide tutoring classes instead of custom writing, you may find Time4Writing
useful in some aspects of your academic life. However, there are some gaps that we want to recall. Read the Time4Writing
review below to learn more about prices, services, etc.

Range of Services

From a high-school essay for literature class to a Master’s thesis for the nursing program, this team
promises to help you with a great variety of tasks that you may face throughout your academic life. Unlike
many other writing websites, this one offers more than completing assignments for you. It is all about
teaching. The service functions as a tutor and a guide for young writers, so both students and junior
copywriters can benefit from using its offers.

Their team of pros can quickly assess your level of writing and improve it. You can enroll in any of the
available online writing courses at any time. This is a place to look for various chances to raise your
marks and hit the academic targets. The courses can be divided into three categories:

  1. Basic
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

After finishing all the three stages, you can expect to write like a native speaker. Local services were
created to develop your creativity too; you will use them to master the art of writing the following

  • Expository, narrative, argumentative, cause and effect, and other essays
  • Critical analyses
  • Research proposals and papers
  • Journal articles
  • Laboratory and book/film reports
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Personal statements

The basic goal of the company is to help you gain writing skills for real life. Local services do not include
writing papers for you.

Prices and Special Offers

Not many students purchase courses from Time4writing, and there are several reasons for that. The top two
include a lack of desire to study writing and overpriced services. The quality of local tutoring is fine,
but it could be provided at more affordable fees. Some students believe that you can learn more by using
other services.

To help you understand their pricing policy, we will give you an example: you will have to pay $119 per if
you wish to get enrolled in an eight-week course. The main disadvantage of this policy is that you will not
get an individual approach. It will remind you more of a typical high school essay course where the teacher
dedicated the same amount of time and attention to all students. The difference is that there will be fewer
pupils in the class.

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The Evaluation of Client Care Service

To make your experience better, the company’s customer support replies to every user within one minute or
less. To find out how long it will take Time4Writing tutoring service to reply to a client’s inquiry, we
sent them an email. We expected to hear from them within a day or two, but their response time was much
faster than that. In fact, we got a reply from time4writing the same day and were able to use this
information to greatly increase our awareness about the service. Of course, you may not believe us, but
we’d like to assure you that you are dealing with a truly professional support team.

We can’t say anything bad about their client care, either. These professionals know everything about the
local services and problems that modern students and beginner writers are facing these days. Customer
support reps are easily reachable by email, phone, or a live chat. They also solve different kinds of
problems, such as those associated with payments, relatively fast.

Security and Confidentiality Issues

The company does its best to make the payment process as secure as possible, and the same applies to its
clients’ personal information. You should not fear that somebody will find out that you use Time4Writing
one day. The thing is, it is not a custom essay writing service that sells ready-made papers but rather
an educational company. You can even get a Time4Writing review from other teachers who support the idea
of such services.

How to Pay for Your Courses: Ordering Process

The ordering process at this service is even faster than on other websites that write papers for
students. You should only choose your level (from middle school and up) as well as the desired package
of courses and make your payment. The registration process is quick and simple, too. You should provide
your parent’s or sponsor’s personal data and pick a password. Fell free to contact their local support
team for any further details or read more about their offers in the corresponding sections of their

How Reliable is Time4Writing Tutoring Service?

The website does not look like a scam — its design and navigation are good, and it provides all the
necessary quality certificates at the bottom of each page. Your data will be well-protected. The company
also offers a BBB membership, along with the guarantee that you will obtain goods and services


The overall ranking of this website is 3/5, and it is based on the rating replies posted on other resources.
We agree with this assessment but believe that a company like that should charge less for its services. That
said, its support team is easy to get in touch with and are ready to provide you with consultation and
assistance any time you need. Therefore, if you’re a parent or an overburdened student or a student taking
the most difficult course, you’ll be glad to hear that this service is your salvation.

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